History of Almanna

Our History


The history of Almanna Group starts in 1994 with the distribution of petroleum products, 3 years after the launching of the National Rafinery Company. The main products distributed were gasoline, kerosène or JetA1, fuel oil, LPG. Because of our profesionnalism, we were then retained by the National hydrocarbons company among the main suppliers.
With the launching of the Chad revival project by our head of state, Our company then created a unit in charge of BUILDING Construction and CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS. The objective being as underlines by the CEO of the group: ' to work together and combine our efforts for the revival of Chad'. Other units will also be launched such as transportation and transit and General Trade.

Key dates

  • 1994 : creation of Almanna Ltd
  • 2001 : creation Almanna BTP

Indeed, with the opening of the upto dates refinery of Djarmaya (14 000 barrels / day), the Chadian petroleum industry is became very competitive on the international market.