Entreprise de BTP, transport et transit, produits pétroliers, Commerge général au Tchad

About AL Manna


Almanna is a limited company created on october 15th, 1994 and registered under N°RCCM TC/NDJ/12 B 174. Our head office is located at Djambal Bahrin, a quater located at the second district of the town of Djamena,on Charles de Gaule street. Our main actvities are
  • Transportation and marketing of petroleum products
  • Buiding and construction
  • Transportation and transit
  • Trade
Our Company is deeply involved in the Chad revival project lead by our president his excellency Idriss Deby Itno. As such we have been given the responsability in carrying major construction project, for example the construction of the highest tower of N'Djamena which is 70m long. In the sub regional plan, ALmanna is leading the distribution of petroleum products mainly in Cameroon and Central Africa.

Our partners

Our company is in partnership with various african and arab national and private companies among which
  • DAR EL EMARA aux Emirats Arabes Unies
  • SONARA in Cameroon
  • TRADEX in Cameroon
  • SHT (Société des Hydrocarbures du Tchad)
  • SNR (Société Nationale de Raffinage)
  • Ministry of defense (Chad)
  • Ministry of petrole (Chad)
  • Mosaïque ingénierie (Tunisia)
  • MED Conception (Tunisia)
  • MEG Ingeniering (Italia)
  • ASD (Chad)
  • MED Control (Tunisia)
  • ABATF (Cameroon)
  • OXFORD (Dubai)
  • ETGE (Tunisia)
  • MARS Group (Turkish)
  • CFAO (Cameroon)
  • Ets ALBADAD (Italia)
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